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Inspired Interiors

By Education, Inspiration
Photo of Interiors Design Magazine and Materials
Recently, someone asked what resources we use for design inspiration. With an abundance of information at our fingertips, the answer to this question cannot be answered in 100 words or less. There are endless sources for editorial images of stunning interiors, as well as trending products and design styles. One of our favorite aspects of the interior design industry is that it is ever-changing, which makes for a never-ending database of design information.  We compiled a list of our favorite sources for design inspiration to share with you.

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Go Green in Your Home

By Education, Inspiration, Product
Green wall
Today’s blog post came to life while browsing through an article by Architectural Digest, “Why Trendsetters Are Skipping Cut Flowers in Favor of Plants at Home.” This article explains the many benefits of having potted plants at home. The author expresses that introducing plants into your home creates a connection with nature and makes your space feel balanced. We could not agree more! And to top it off, indoor plants last longer than flowers and require little maintenance, which is great news for those who were not born with a green thumb.

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It’s All About The Process!

By Education, Process
Elizabeth Sleigher Parti exercise for office design Kelly Mericle Design
Kelly Mericle Bubble diagramming Longport project Kelly Mericle Design
Vivian Mulder Concept Blocking Kelly Mericle Design
What existing conditions of the space need to be considered? What are the client’s requirements for the space? What feeling or emotion do we want the space to portray? There are endless factors that can dictate a design…endless! Before we begin to fit the pieces together and envision the final space, we have to create a plan of action. Think of it as a road map for the design process. This road map is created during the Programming and Pre-Design phases.  

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