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Out of the Blue

Teardrop shape in different shades and tones of blue

Blue jeans, blue skies, blue ocean, blueberries…everywhere you turn, you are surrounded by something blue! Today’s post is all about the color blue, and what makes it a favorite in many cultures around the world.

Coastal Architecture mixed siding blue shingles white paneling

Believe it or not, blue is one of the last colors in the spectrum to be named and identified. Surprisingly, the ancient Greeks did not have a name for the hue. William Gladstone, a classical scholar, studied Homer’s The Iliad and found that Homer did not describe anything as “blue.” Homer described the sky as “bronze” and the ocean as “wine dark.”

Cobalt blue hand blown glass bowl from Makai Glass

The first civilization to identify blue were the Egyptians, who were inspired by the beautiful color of the Lapis stone. The Egyptians created a blue dye that was so expensive to produce, it was considered a luxury and only used by royalty. This blue dye is believed to be the first artificial pigment created.

Blue Grotto a cove in Capri, Italy electric blue water

Blue can evoke different qualities and emotions, depending on its shade. Dark blue has a feeling of elegance, richness, power, and sophistication, while light blue represents tranquility, health, and understanding.

Thibaut settee in wave monochromatic dark and light blue fabric
Fun Facts About the Color Blue
  • Blue is the most universally liked color!
  • Owls are the only species of birds that can detect the color blue.
  • Over 50% of the flags in the world contain the color blue.
  • Because the color blue in non-existent in natural foods, such as fruits and vegetables, it is believed blue can act as an appetite suppressant.
  • Studies show that blue sparks creativity!
Range of blue paint swatches

If you’re drawn to the color blue, you’re in good company! It’s no surprise to us why blue is the most favored color in the spectrum. After learning more about the color blue, we hope you’ll look at the dynamic hue with a newfound sense of appreciation.

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