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Listen to Your Art

By Artwork

A room without art is like a scoop of vanilla ice cream without sprinkles: it tastes good, but it could taste great. A great piece of artwork is like the rainbow sprinkles on top of a beautifully designed space. Art should not be an afterthought, but instead, it should be considered from the beginning of the design process. Without art, an interior can feel uninspired and cold, but with the right piece of artwork, a space can be transformed into a place that is whimsical, glamorous, serious, edgy, or serene. With a few exciting projects underway, we have been searching for artwork to complement the interiors we are designing. We have come across a few amazingly talented artists of different mediums, and we are sharing our findings with you in hopes that you fall in love with their work, too.

First on our list of “artist crushes” is Amanda Stone Talley. We love the circular forms that dominate her work. It is textural, playful, and colorful, and we can’t get enough! Next time we are in New Orleans, we will definitely pay Talley’s gallery a visit. Read More

It’s All About The Process!

By Education, Process
Elizabeth Sleigher Parti exercise for office design Kelly Mericle Design
Kelly Mericle Bubble diagramming Longport project Kelly Mericle Design
Vivian Mulder Concept Blocking Kelly Mericle Design
What existing conditions of the space need to be considered? What are the client’s requirements for the space? What feeling or emotion do we want the space to portray? There are endless factors that can dictate a design…endless! Before we begin to fit the pieces together and envision the final space, we have to create a plan of action. Think of it as a road map for the design process. This road map is created during the Programming and Pre-Design phases.  

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Welcome To Our Blog!

By Meet the team
Team photo of Elizabeth Sleigher Kelly Mericle Vivian Mulder Kelly Mericle Design Philadelphia Interior Design Firm
Welcome to our blog! We will be using this blog as a way for us to share our love and passion for what we do every day in the complex world of Interior Design. Before we get too far along, we wanted our first post to allow us to share a little bit about ourselves and what we do! Read More