Kelly Mericle at Kelly Mericle Design a Philadelphia based Interior Design Firm
Kelly Mericle

Designer & Project Manager

Kelly’s passion for design and love of the industry were nurtured from a young age. The daughter of a commercial real estate developer, Kelly accompanied her father to countless job sites and learned about the interplay between architecture, design, construction, and the business of real estate. She is inspired by the physical environments surrounding her and is particularly drawn to designs which play with the abstract qualities of solid and void, light and shadow. She earned a B.S. in Real Estate and Marketing from Villanova University and a M.F.A. in Interior Design from College of Art & Design in Philadelphia.

In Philadelphia’s dynamic market, Kelly saw an opportunity to found a design firm based on her unique understanding of business, real estate, and design. She describes her personal design aesthetic as “effortless elegance.” She and her team consider themselves lifelong learners, and she continues to reinforce her creative expertise through travel and observation, sketching and painting.